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Although Internet access games are technically not illegal in the United States (the Wire Act only refers to playing the phone), 70% of play activities off the world are attributed to the Americans. This is mainly due to the fact that the US law imposes restrictions on online casinos revenues. Gains must be declared, while taking into account all the losses made. With this legal restriction, many casinos have decided to pack and move their business abroad.

Offshore gaming sites are the solution to international resistance to online game. The Internet game is not legal in some countries, a solution created by online casinos therefore consists in moving their businesses abroad to a more friendly country. Since their business is done online, the physical location of their offices and facilities is not really important. This is called the offshore game and refers to the lack of competence on these casinos by a nation or a particular state.

Many internet and poker casinos thus avoid the American law (while being able to serve American customers) by setting up a shop in Gibraltar, the island of man and other more liberal places. Costs related to transfer in other countries are canceled by the fact that online gambling activities are now worth about $ 2.4 billion and is still growing in popularity.

Due to the lucrative nature of this business, most casinos continue to search for gaps in the laws that the countries implemented to regulate online game. For example, although the United States has technically prohibited advertising to play online games on magazines, television and internet, savvy advertisers have found a way to get around. Instead of announcing the casino part of their websites, they announce tutorials on how to play poker (for example) that uses only money. But a link to the current casino would be there somewhere for the player to sniff.

But the players of these casinos should of course be more suspicious. Precisely because these offshore gaming sites are “offshore” and therefore beyond the jurisdiction, players are not as protected as if they played in a terrestrial casino. For this reason, some organizations have been trained to serve as a surveillance for these offshore casinos, protecting the actors and apply a certain security.

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