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As you have probably seen before there are many different casino bonuses, there are today. Different casinos offer up to 320% on your first deposit, others that give you up to $ 1000 to play with their casino and to keep your winnings. All casino bonuses have different reading conditions and deposit. What you need to keep in mind is that no casino would just give money, there are always restrictions that apply. However, finding the best casino bonuses for your needs is very important. You should take your time to find the bonus that suits you best. With our bonus list, we hope to give you some tips in this “jungle”.

In this section, we would like the terms so that you have a better understanding of casino bonuses.


This refers to the amount you have to bet / bet / risk in order to avoid any problems. This differs greatly in all casinos. A standard playing condition is somewhere between 10 and 30 times the bonus and the bankroll you get after your initial deposit. There is a big difference here. The requirements of the reading / setting your bonus they are respected or all of your bankroll? You must read the terms of casino bonus at the casino you want to play.

So what is the difference?

Bankroll player Playthrough

This requirement refers to your entire bankroll (deposit + bonus). For example, if the reading requirement is 10 x bankroll and you deposit $ 100 and you get a $ 100 bonus, you must wager $ 2,000 in order to compile. That’s $ 200×10 = $ 2000.

Playing bonus

In this case, the playing condition applies only to bonuses. For example, if the requirement of reading is 10 x bonus and you deposit $ 100 and you get a $ 100 bonus, you must wager $ 1,000 for cashing out. Who is 100×10 = $ 1,000.

What games are included?

You must check the terms of the bonus to ensure that the games will count towards the play. All games do not do it! Usually, slot machine games, blackjack but do not. Also, some games can have 50% or 10% to reading.

There are many types of bonuses, here are a few.

No Deposit Bonus

This is when the casino allows you to play with money, usually $ 200-1000, for 30 to 60 minutes. Whatever you earn during this period, it will be your money bonus if you deposit. There are generally a minimum amount to deposit and you can earn a maximum of $ 200 100 in bonus money. When you deposit, cash bonus will be automatically added to your account, if this is not the case, send an email to the website of the carrier. The minimum deposit is usually about $ 25. Remember that the requirements are always so read the terms.

deposit bonus corresponding

It was at that point that they match or kicking their deposit. It may be between 10 and 320% or more. Be sure to read the requirements for reading and other words. For example, say you deposit $ 100 and the casino has a bonus equal to 100%, then add $ 100 in your account. Then you will have $ 200 to play with.

Loyalty Bonus

All bonuses received after the bonus “Sign-On” falls under this category. They usually take the form of rewards to players who put a lot of paris. The more you play more bonuses will be.

sticky bonus

This is where you get a bonus, but you can not withdraw the entire amount. This is great because you bonus money in your account to play jackpots and other things like that.

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